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Learn Spanish in Bogotá

Learn Spanish in Bogotá

Spanish School in Bogotá, Colombia

The Spanish school in Bogotá is located in a great neighborhood known as Quinta Camacho in the northern part of the city. It is an area known for having English style architecture and being very safe. The neighborhood is well located making it easy to take advantage of a wide range of nearby activities including shopping, eating out, going to the theatre, visiting art galleries or having a drink in a local bar. Public transportation is available for quick access to the city center. The school is located in a charming Tudor-style house with 7 classrooms, a common area and a computer room.


Host Family: your stay with a local host family includes breakfast, dinner and laundry service.

Activities and Excursions

The school offers organized activities weekly.

Our Opinion

Bogotá is a great city to visit marked by the stark contrast between the old and the new. Visitors can discover old monuments and buildings and huge modern skyscrapers. The city is known for its internationally recognized universities and many libraries, earning it the name as the “Athens of South America”. Bogota integrates many European and North American influences and is an important capital for business dealings. The city offers something for everyone; you will find everything from hectic avenues with busy traffic to peaceful tree-lined bicycle routes.

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