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don Quijote Spanish Schools Affiliate Program


don Quijote Affiliate Program

don Quijote Spanish school has long-standing experience on the Internet, and wants to help you grow! By partnering with us, you will become a part of our business project through our Affiliate Marketing Program and have the ability to increase your business on the Internet. The program is completely flexible, totally risk-free, and you can cancel your account at any time.

To become a member of this dynamic network, simply fill out membership form.


Promoting don Quijote is Easy!

We will provide you with a wide range of don Quijote promotional materials to help you attract customers. You can also:

We have a collection of banners in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Dutch for you to choose from based on your business strategy. You can also actively promote any current special offer or discount.
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Spanish Educational Content:
We can provide you with free don Quijote Spanish learning content such as the word of the day, weekly lessons, jokes, song lyrics, games and much more! It is very simple, just copy and paste to your site.
Receive Spanish Content for free >>

Do you have a domain related to Spanish learning that you are not making use of? We can create an exclusive page for you to promote us while you make commission on all of the sales.
We will make you an exclusive page >>

Need more? Our team can prepare tailor-made special content and/or banners to perfectly align with your objectives.
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Easily link your website to any of don Quijote's special programs such as the Work Experience Program or the Youth Camp Program.
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You can also just simply link your website to don Quijote by copying and pasting a code onto your site.
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Show your exclusive confidence in don Quijote and earn more! Promote only don Quijote programs on your site and we will reward you with a 13% commission on all sales as well as other benefits!
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Not convinced yet? Read more about why you should become a don Quijote Affiliate in About the Program.

Questions? If you cannot find the answer in our list of Frequent Questions, do not hesitate to ask us for details