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Mexican Natural Parks

Mexican Natural Parks

Mexican Parks. Mexico has 158 Protected Natural Areas which encompass National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Natural Mouments and other natural zones.

Mexico is a country with a diverse geography: from soaring mountains (often live volcanoes) to lush jungles. Mexico is a country that offers that nature lover many possibilities to enjoy an experience far from urban distractions and in areas perfectly preserved and protected. Mexico has always been a country in flux and ever changing but one thing that has never varied is the bond with nature that every Mexican feels. This bond is reflected in the long history of creating national parks and protecting natural areas and wildlife that are especially sensitive to human intervention.

Since the first national park was declared in 1917 (Desierto de los Leones) Mexico has expanded the number of national parks, protected areas and achieved UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 40 locations. You can enjoy pristine tropical beaches, walk through a beautiful pine forests, summit a volcano or sunbathe on a desert beach. Mexico’s natural parks and spaces will surprise and, more importantly, delight the adventurous visitor.

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