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Santo Domingo de Heredia

Information about the City of Heredia in Costa Rica | don Quijote

Our Spanish school is located in the quaint town of Santo Domingo de Heredia located between the large cities of Heredia and San José in Costa Rica.

Approximately 10 minutes from Santo Domingo de Heredia is the city of Heredia. With a population of over 100,000, the former Costa Rican capital and current capital of the Heredia province was established in the 18th Century under the name “Cubujuqui”, but was later renamed Villa de Heredia. The city is popularly known as “the city of flowers” due to its exquisite bordering countryside and the beauty of its women. There is much to be witnessed in terms of historical tributes in Heredia; for example, the fort, which is considered to be an emblematic of the city, the telegraph building and the secondary school, all situated on the central street which stretches for 300 meters. Particularly characteristic of Heredia is its coffee plantations, where visitors can learn about the coffee-making process and even taste some of the products.

Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, is less than 20 minutes away from Santo Domingo de Heredia by car. Comprising around 40% of the nation’s population, San Jose is a lively and cosmopolitan city. Visitors will never find themselves bored due to the metropolis’ proliferation of museums and galleries, such as the National Art and Culture Center, which exhibits innovative works of prominent Latin American artists, and the Costa Rica National Museum, housing fascinating relics related to the nation’s history. Due to its location in the Central Valley Region, San Jose is encased by mountains, giving it a more rural feel compared to other Latin American cities. From the buzzing Market Center to the many downtown parks and plazas, San Jose is a great place to explore the diversity of Costa Rica.

All this makes Santo Domingo de Heredia a unique and inspiring tourist destination where visitors can enjoy the comforts of a small city or venture into the expansive capital, while soaking up the never-ending beauty which comes with a tropical climate.

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