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newsletter-monthly Each month, you'll find fresh information on Spanish culture, what's on in Spain and Latin America, news, dQ announcements, a slang survival kit, a recipe, and much more.

It's delivered to your inbox in English and Spanish. Change languages in a single click!

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Why receive the newsletter?

  • Why not! It's the easiest way to keep updated with what's going on in donQuijote!
  • If for whatever reason you want to unsubscribe, it couldn't be easier
  • There is a proverb and a cheeky compliment included every month. Whether you're a saint or a flirt, these small and easy to handle vocab lessons are topical, relevant and a fun way to contribute to your Spanish learning. (Warning, success of these piropos is not guaranteed!)
  • Register is one of the hardest aspects of a language to pick up, and a vocabulary survival kit let you know the dictionary definition of a phrase, as well as what your amigos would say over a cerveza or two!
  • Monthly recipes are a brilliant way to bring a little taste of España to your kitchen! Easy to read and recreate!
  • The dQ newsletter is sent out monthly so it won't clog up your inbox!
  • Insights into a small part of Spain or Latin America, including URL links that might benefit your Spanish learning.

So for the easiest way to be kept updated with all the dQ news, offers and recommendations, subscribe our monthly newsletter!

Newsletter Archive

newsletter archive Here you can view the last newsletters we have sent: