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Forum Rules

don Quijote Forum and Pen Pal Rules

The don Quijote forum and Pen Pal exchange are intended to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for the don Quijote community. By participating in this forum and/or the Pen Pal exchange, you affirm your willingness to comply with these rules.

  1. Absolutely no advertising, spamming, or asking for money. This rule also applies to private messages sent through the Pen Pal exchange.
  2. No profanity. No rude or offensive messages. We reserve the right to decide what is offensive or inappropriate.
  3. Keep it relevant. This is a forum for don Quijote members interested in languages, travel and cultural exchange. Please keep your postings mostly language, culture, travel, or don Quijote-related.
  4. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice and to ban anyone who willfully violates forum or Pen Pal exchanges rules.
  5. Help us keep the forum warm and friendly!! Please report any inappropriate postings or Pen Pal messages immediately by clicking here.
  6. Enjoy your Forum and Pen Pal Exchange, and thanks for participating in www.donquijote.org.