Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain

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Welcome to Pen-pals Section! Here you can meet Members who share your interests and begin an e-mail friendship or language exchange.

Please read our Pen-Pal rules before getting started.

You must fill your Penpal Profile

To be a penpal, you must write a small text about your hobbies, interests. That way people will be able to choose you between other penpals. You should take care that your member profile is right too, because some of its info is also used. Please use the upper box links to see your profile editors and activate you as Penpal (you can do this from the members section too).

Last active penpals

T ANDREA (27 years old - SWITZERLAND)

I speak: english, spanish, french, german, others

My Occupation: university student

About me: Hola everybody! Me gustaría practicar español o inglés. siempre es interesante charlar con gente de culturas diferentes. y hablar es el método más eficaz para aprender idiomas - así que no hesites a contactarme!

ANGEL DOMINGUEZ (31 years old - SPAIN)

I speak: english, spanish

My Occupation: web development

About me: hi!

NUH KOKLU (45 years old - ARGENTINA)

I speak: spanish

My Occupation: unemployed

About me: hola a todos ahora estoy en Estambul. quiero aprender mas lengua y tambien necesito practicar. Otro lado quiero hablar con relaccion de cine. politica. musica. chau

TOIVO MARGA (48 years old - ESTONIA)

I speak: english, russian, others

My Occupation: other

About me: Hi, my name is Toivo. I am from Estonia. I want to learn Spanish. I´d love to find friends from Barcelona and from Malaga. My skype: toivomarga


I speak: english

My Occupation: unemployed

About me: I B.SC passed, Bengali, yoga & Meditation teacher, interests in tour, photography, writing literature,language exchange.Doing now FREE Service in a cultural center.Interested to meet people and good friendship.

MILNER URBINA (37 years old - PERU)

I speak: english, spanish

My Occupation: business

About me: Hi!.I am interested in interchange languages ,to meet new people and cultures around the world.

JACKSON MALE (24 years old - UGANDA)

I speak: english

My Occupation: other

About me: Hi anyone,i am in uganda and i want to meet people around the world.i like watching movies,making research,intrested in designing component,outings and also listening to music,i want only trustworth,caring and loving people.am waiting for your message if u are intrested.

OLGA TROFIMOVA (30 years old - RUSSIA)

I speak: english, spanish, russian

My Occupation: other

About me: I love Spanish, meeting new people and traveling. Would like to chat and possibly meet in the future while traveling and exploring new countries :)

TERE A. (36 years old - UNITED STATES)

I speak: english, portuguese

My Occupation: student

About me: Hola! Ahora yo estoy aprendiendo espanol y quiero mejorar el idioma. Tambien, me encanta viajar, disfrutar y aprender la cultura de otros paises. Si quiere, contactarme nosotros podemos conocer nos mas.

MOHSEN MIRZAEI (34 years old - IRAN)

I speak: english, spanish, others

My Occupation: business

About me: hi ,everybody.I am mohsen from iran.Little I know spanish,but my english is ok.I am seeking friends to share our knowledge over spanish language. All the best!

GRANT LEE (30 years old - CHINA)

I speak: english, chinese

My Occupation: self employed

About me: I´m Chinese,i like new culture,new language,new people.i want to abosorb kinds of nutrition from other cultures.and especially i like to make friends with everyone.i like sports(e.g. football,basketball etc.);watching movies i want to learn spa

NAO YAMAMOTO (37 years old - JAPAN)

I speak: english, spanish, japanese

My Occupation: business

About me: Hola!Me llamo Nao. Soy japonesa.Ahora estudio espanol.Me gusta ver futbol y viajar.Estoy buscando un penal que habla espanol.Vamos a ser amigos!! Hasta luego.

ROSMARIE MEYER-RIESEN (63 years old - Switzerland)

I speak: english, spanish, french, german

My Occupation: other

About me: 50 years old, Suiza. I like foreign languages, reading,travelling,playing saxofon.I want to correspond with man or woman in spanish. I am learning spanish since 1 year and i would like to practice it on this way.u.com/


I speak: english, spanish, dutch

My Occupation: university student

About me: I love to read and to write. I love hinking and yoga, but I´m not a big fan of exercise. I am studying to become a histoy teacher.

ERICA D (26 years old - UNITED STATES)

I speak: english

My Occupation: unemployed

About me: Hi! I´m Erica, I´m 26 years old, and I live in New Jersey, in the USA. I studied Spanish for 4 years in school. I like to crochet, make art, read, write, and watch TV and movies. I´m looking for pen pals and also people to chat with on Skype. I´m "EricaLaurenD" on Skype. Please include a note if you want me to add you! Adios!