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About the Affiliate Program

don Quijote Affiliate Program

The don Quijote Spanish organization has long-standing experience on the Internet, and wants to help you grow! By partnering with us through our Affiliate Marketing Program, you will become a part of our business project and have the ability to increase your business on the Internet. The program is completely flexible, totally risk-free, and you can cancel your account at any time.

To become a member of this dynamic network, simply fill out a membership form.

What is an Affiliate program?

An Affiliate Program is an agreement by which a website resells products and services to another company. The reseller is referred to as a partner or affiliate and sells the products of the merchant or provider.  It is an easy way to earn money online and all you have to do is place one or more links to on your website and you will receive a commission for any sale referred from them. Additionally, we will provide you with free promotional and educational materials to use on your site.

Your Commission

Commission rates vary depending on your affiliate agreement (standard or exclusive), what is sold, and the amount you sell. Standard Affiliates receive 10% on courses and accommodations (home stay, shared student apartment and student residence hall). Exclusive Affiliates earn 13% on their sales. Additionally, we help promote the websites of our Exclusive Affiliates. Each student that you refer to us who registers and finishes a don Quijote program can earn you from 10€ to 1,500€! For all online courses sold, regardless of the type of affiliation, don Quijote will pay 20% commission. Want to know which products can earn you the most? Check out our price list.

Once the student has finished their program, commission payments will be processed the first week of the following month by bank transfer. For bank transfers, there is a required minimum balance of 100€. If your balance has not yet reached the minimum balance, it will continue to accrue until you reach this amount. If, for any reason, you would like to receive your commission for balances of less than 100€, the transfer fee will be deducted from your commission disbursement.

Our Tracking system: How we indentify your sales

We use cookie-based ASP technology to track the sales that are generated from your links. A cookie is a small text file that our system can read that is stored on the user's computer or web browser. Each affiliate has their own unique "tracking code" so that when a visitor clicks on a link from your website, our system puts a cookie in their computer with your affiliate code. More than 99% of all computers connected to the Internet have their cookies enabled.

The cookies are stored on the potential client's computer for 60 days, meaning that if they request a brochure from us within this time frame, we will associate the request to your affiliate account. Once this occurs, we will enter their information into our database (in an Intranet) with your affiliate code and they will be associated to you forever! Basically, this means that the traffic you send us has 60 days to request information and when a purchase is made, regardless of when it occurs, it will be associated to your affiliate code and therefore you will earn commission.

Affiliate Control Panel

We provide our affiliate partners with a password protected control panel which includes information such as clicks, brochure requests and sales.

Also available in the control panel are automatic link and page generators and a menu to update your affiliate profile and preferences. If you are interested in trying our technology before becoming an affiliate, please contact us.

Promotional Materials

We will provide you with a wide range of don Quijote promotional materials in various languages to help you attract customers. It is easy with our customized tools, simply copy and paste the codes into your page source.

See some examples:

Educational Spanish content

We can provide you with automatically updated, free educational content including: the Spanish word of the day, Spanish tests, jokes and much more. The content can be displayed on your site using an iframe (an embedded frame), a pop-up window or SQL. All our content will appear with a branded don Quijote banner. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us.

Displaying our educational content is very simple. After logging into your affiliate account control panel, use our generator tool to get links for all the content that you are interested in. You can also customize the educational content with your website's colors.

See some examples:

Keep informing me with the Affiliate Newsletter

Our Affiliate Newsletter will keep you informed about newly available resources and special offers as well as news, advice and more.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our Affiliate Program team at: