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Scholarships don Quijote

How the Programme Works

What is the Fundación don Quijote 30 Scholarships Program?
An ambitious project to diffuse the Spanish language worldwide, created by don Quijote, Spain's leading organisation dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in Spain and Mexico.

30 Scholarships will be awarded (one per institution) to the 30 academic institutions presenting the most creative and best-developed plans to actively promote the learning of Spanish as a foreign language.

What types of institutions are eligible?
The scholarships are available to the following institutions:

Winning institutions may design their own program to select scholarship recipients, although we do require that the scholarships be used by students, and that all recipients be above the age of 15.

What is needed to apply?
A representative of the institution must complete a brief Scholarship Questionnaire, in which s/he will describe the institution's current efforts to promote Spanish study, and the institution's proposal to launch new programs to further promote the Spanish language.

Suggestions and Resources:
Winning plans will be creative, realistic and specific. Based on previous year’s top presentations, we offer the following suggestions and resources:

What does each scholarship include?