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Great ideas

The Best of the Best

A compilation of great language programme ideas from the 2005 Fundación don Quijote Scholarship Programme

Two exceptional contest ideas with an in-country Spanish course as Grand Prize


Raffle an in-country Spanish language course (or a don Quijote scholarship) at the Study Abroad Fair. To participate in the raffle, students must attend the fair. This creative marketing idea:

  • Increases attendance at the Study Abroad or language event
  • Generates student interest in Spanish and Study Abroad
  • Creates a list of students (those who entered the raffle) for language programme and Study Abroad marketing campaigns throughout the year


    Award an in-country Spanish language course as first prize in a Spanish Literary contest, to the student who writes the best short story, essay or poem in Spanish.
  • Encourage students with their peers’ real life Study Abroad stories

    • Include testimonials by recent Spanish programme graduates in the university’s prospectus
    • Invite former Spanish students to present their experiences on life since they left school – and the importance of their language skills to their success
    • Have returning Study Abroad students share their experiences on the school Web site
    • Create your own ambassadors: Give language courses abroad to 10 students, and watch them become the institution’s ambassadors of language Study Abroad

    Host a Language Showcase Round Table

    • Round table discussion with representatives of government (The USA Departments of State, Commerce and Defence, for example for the Washington, DC Area programme that presented this idea) or business
    • Participants discuss the demand for languages, and the “critical languages skills” needed by government or industry

    Encourage students to participate in community events related to Spanish

    • Service Learning volunteer projects with organisations serving the local Hispanic community
    • Local Instituto Cervantes events

    Offer vibrant cultural programmes to complement language courses

    • A free screening of a Spanish language film every week
    • 2005 activities related to the 400th anniversary of Cervantes’ Don Quixote
    • Cultural programmes focused every semester on a different Hispanic culture. Example: Concerts, a tango course and conferences during Argentina’s semester
    • Offer some subjects in Spanish: high school social studies course, university business course
    • Bring Spanish language theatre productions to campus

    And more great ideas:

    • Interview native Spanish speakers in class
    • Unite students from several schools weekly for a joint Spanish club, combining fun activities with active learning
    • Have a Spanish teacher host a radio programme
    • Send a student team to local and regional Spanish competitions
    • Open the institution’s language labs and language library to the public
    • Launch a campaign to keep students well-informed about scholarships and financial aid programmes for Study Abroad
    • Create a Spanish language resource Web site for students