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Learn Spanish


Studying a language at home, whether at an institute or on a correspondence course, demands a lot of energy and discipline. You have a million other things to do and each time, before you go to your class or start your homework, you have to 'get into it again'. The only aim during your Spanish course in Spain with don Quijote is: to learn Spanish. It will come naturally.

During the course you will be living in Spain. You will be immersed in the culture and you will hear, read and speak nothing but Spanish all day. In this way you will pick up an amazing amount quickly, both inside and outside the classroom.

Better Results
A language is more than just grammar and a collection of words. It is the means of communication between peoples, which is why you can never really learn a language from a book.

For that reason, don Quijote puts the accent on communication, talking and learning by experience. You will notice that, both during and outside the lessons. You will participate in Spanish life with the teachers and your fellow students; the best way to strengthen your speaking skills quickly and, at the same time, understand the emotions attached to certain words. Essential knowledge you can only obtain in Spain.

More simulating and enjoyable
When you learn Spanish in Spain, studying is neither dreary nor boring. You will be introduced to the rich Spanish culture, the fiestas, the innumerable 'tapas' bars and cafés, the promenading and the street life.

On weekends you can travel to the countryside of the beach, you will visit the most beautiful cities, learn how to dance the Sevillana's or the Flamenco and make friends for life with people from all over the world. Learning Spanish in Spain is an adventure.

School Recommended in Guanajuato

Learning Spanish in Mexico is an adventure
Next March 3rd don Quijote will open a new school in Guanajuato following the initiative launched in 2001 for our programme in Latin America. don Quijote Guanajuato will be totally compatible with the rest of don Quijote schools in Spain and Peru in terms of courses, teaching methods, possibilities for lodging, services, etc... permitting you to combine a wide variety of places. Naturally, the school will be located in the centre of the city and you will be able to enjoy the don Quijote’s usual quality.

The school is spacious with large classrooms and equipped with teaching aids such as video equipment and computers.

Service, Quality and Reliability