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Weather in Oaxaca, Mexico

Weather in Oaxaca

Oaxaca's weather, often referred to as "Eternal Spring", is pretty ideal. Residents and visitors alike enjoy mild weather all throughout the year, thanks to its unique position on Mexico's high central plateau, near the Pacific Ocean and in between the mountains of Sierra Madre. At an altitude of about 1050 meters, Oaxaca experiences cool evenings during the winter and the rainy season is usually June to October.

The rains don't last very long though; the sun usually comes out soon enough, and the city sparkles yet again with new life. There is little wonder then, why beautiful Oaxaca is called "La Tierra del Sol", or Land of the Sun.

The state of Oaxaca is categorized as a temperate region, as it experiences enough rainfall, although some sections are considered dry and some hot with rainfall in seasons. The average rainfall is about 30 inches in the central regions, and 31 inches along the coast. Rainfall is experienced mostly during the months of May to September.

Because Oaxaca is positioned between the Gulf of Tehuantepec and Pacific Ocean on the south, and the Gulf of Mexico some few kilometers to the north, it also attracts air currents that influence its weather. The humid air currents which swirl around the Isthmus can produce winds that can reach about 200kph in La Ventosa. This phenomenon creates the "nortes" which in turn cause sporadic cloudy days.