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Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide

Useful Information & Phone Numbers

Going to another country may be confusing. Here are some important Puerto Vallarta information to keep in mind during your travels:


Most large establishments in Puerto Vallarta accept both Mexican pesos and US Dollars. Major international credit cards are likewise accepted in most places; however, an additional fee is usually charged. It is still recommended that you use Mexican pesos in your transactions. ATMs with English menus are available all over Puerto Vallarta.

You can have your money and traveler's checks exchanged at various banks, such as Bancomer and Banamex; however, this can only be done between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM. If you cannot do it within the specified time, another option would be to have your money exchanged at Money Exchange Houses, known as Casas de Cambio. They are usually open longer, but their rates may be slightly lower than those of the banks. As much as possible, try not to have your money exchanged at hotels, since they offer the lowest rates.


There are a number of 24-hour hospitals that can be found in Puerto Vallarta, such as Red Cross, AmeriMed, and the Regional Hospital. The town also has several 24-hour pharmacies.


Since international call rates are generally higher in the area, you can call outside Mexico using public phones and a phone card. Internet cafés are also abundant in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In Puerto Vallarta, the emergency phone number to reach the police station and the fire department are the same: 060. However, for non-emergencies, the telephone number to call in order to reach the police is 221-2588 or 233-2500. Meanwhile, the fire department can be reached at 293-1712.

In case of any medical emergency, you can contact the intensive care ambulance at 225-0386 or 222-1533. Puerto Vallarta's air ambulance can be contacted through 221-2200 or 221-2201. The air ambulance also has a toll free number in Mexico, 01-800-930-2600.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your travel and stay in Puerto Vallarta, you can go to the Puerto Vallarta Tourist Office. It can be found in downtown Puerto Vallarta, at the Presidencia Municipal building. Their telephone number is 222-0242.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

In Puerto Vallarta, we recommend you to learn Spanish in two different schools: