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Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide

Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

Puerto Vallarta is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With so many things to see and do in this city, an ever-growing number of people from around the world have been flocking here to discover for themselves what the hype is all about. If you are one of those who plan on going to Puerto Vallarta, it is best to know more about this tropical paradise so that you would know what to expect. Below are some tips that might come in handy:

Puerto Vallarta is a relaxed and comfortable city. The dress code here is casual at best. It is best to bring a lot of light and airy clothing, a hat, a light jacket, and lots and lots of sunblock. However if you plan on eating in one of the city's more sophisticated establishments, appropriate and conservative clothing is highly recommended.

Credit cards are widely accepted throughout Puerto Vallarta, although there might be a few establishments that only accept cash. The Mexican Peso is the primary currency used here, although some places also accept US dollars. Tipping is customary in Puerto Vallarta so make sure that you always have a lot of small change available.

Puerto Vallarta, like all tourist places is Mexico, is generally a clean, healthy and safe place. It might be good to wear an ID tag provided by your doctor if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease or allergies to ordinary medications. Also, make sure that your medical insurance provider covers Mexico. Most hotels and restaurants provide purified drinking water, but just to be safe, make sure to ask before you drink. Better yet, simply order bottled water.

Long-distance calls are quite expensive. If you are planning to make a lot of phone calls back home, its best to just buy an international phone card. You can also bring your mobile phone, if you already have one. However, be sure to check with your service provider ahead of time regarding their roaming partners and rates.