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Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Don Quixote...

Wishing to share his passion for Don Quixote with the whole world, Rene de Jong, director and founder of don Quijote, the market leader in Spanish Immersion programs for foreigners, dreamed of creating a Virtual Quixote Museum.

As a great admirer of "El Ingenioso Hidalgo de la Mancha", Rene de Jong started in 1991 a small collection that now boasts more than 350 objects of all sorts: from statues and paintings to menus, T Shirts and other things of daily life. With this museum he wishes to unite everything that has to do with Don Quixote and, at the same time, promote the diffusion of the Spanish language and culture.

We hope you will enjoy this museum as much as we do and that you will leave us knowing more about this very special part of Spanish culture. Enjoy your visit, and please, come again.

To navigate through the museum to the topics that interest you most, just use the main menu to the left.

To take a tour through the latest additions to our virtual museum, visit What's New

And don't forget that you are most welcome to send us any items you feel belong in our Museum - items of any kind representing Don Quixote.

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