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Companies named for Don Quixote

For 400 years, the story of Don Quixote has inspired ordinary people to pursue their seemingly impossible dreams, as it has inspired countless entrepreneurs to boldly launch new businesses - and name them after the knight-errant whose story inspired them.

Explore our collection of businesses named after Don Quixote de la Mancha: more than 377 businesses, representing more than 34 countries. Recognize any businesses from your part of the world?

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Company Name:  Almacen El Quijote Activity: Warehouse
Address:  Av. San Martin, 5386 Postal Code: 
Country:  Argentina City: Buenos Aires
Company Name:  Apartamentos Don Quijote Activity: Apartments
Address:  C/ Madrid, 4 Playa del Ingles Postal Code: 35100
Country:  Spain City: San Bartolome de Tirajana (Las Palmas)
Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Company Name:  Apartamentos Quijote Park Activity: Apartments
Address:  Can Patilla, s/n Postal Code: 07590
Country:  Spain City: Capdepera (Mallorca)
Company Name:  Apartamentos Turisticos Dom Quixote Activity: Apartment
Address:   Postal Code: 3070
Country:  Portugal City: Praia De Mira
Company Name:  Artes Graficas Don Quijote Activity: 
Address:  Cr 10 19 70 Postal Code: 
Country:  Colombia City: Pereira
Company Name:  Artesanias la casa del Quijote Activity: Handmade articles shop
Address:  Prol.Mariano Abasolo 3779 Postal Code: 
Country:  Mexico City: Saltillo
Company Name:  Asociacion de Canaricultores Don Quijote Activity: 
Address:  Pasaje Plaza España, 8 Postal Code: 13600
Country:  Spain City: Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real)
Company Name:  Association Don Quichotte Activity: Association
Address:  86 R Voltaire Postal Code: 02100
Country:  France City: Saint Quentin
Company Name:  Auto Quixote Activity: Car repair shop
Address:  Bairro Coimeira - A-dos-Cunhados Postal Code: 2560-001
Country:  Portugal City: A Dos Cunhados
Company Name:  Bar Cerveceria El Quijote Activity: Bar
Address:  Pl. Constitución, 10 Postal Code: 45900
Country:  Spain City: Almorox