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Don Quixote Quiz

Congratulations, you passed the trird level!
HINT: Yes! Many of the answers can be found in the pages of this museum.

Fourth level

1 Which of these artists made prints to illustrate the book ?
Salvador Dalí
Diego de Velásquez
Alfredo Palmero
Gustavo Doré

2 In which village or city can you find two trees that symbolise Sancho Panza and Don Quixote?
El Toboso
Alcalá de Henares

3 In which country can you find the Iconographic Museum of Don Quixote?

4 Who wrote the second part of Don Quixote before Cervantes which is called the “Quixote apócrifo”?
No one
Alonso Fernández de Tordesillas
Lope de Vega
Miguel de Unamuno

5 What is the nickname of Cervantes?
The father of the Spanish literature
The one armed of Lepanto
The lame of Espanto
The one eyed of la Mancha

6 Which of these chapters does not belong to the book?
The cave of Montesinos
The enchantment of Dulcinea
The helmet of Mambrino
The emperor Sancho Panza

7 Does the book exist in Esperanto?
Only the first part

8 What is the name of the island that Don Quixote proposes to Sancho panza?

9 Who burned the books of chivalries?
The mayor and the vizcaíno
The priest and the master
The innkeeper and the clergyman
The galley slaves

10 To whom did Cervantes dedicate his book?
The king of Spain
Fernando de Herrera
The duke of Béjar
Antonio de Torquemada

This is the end of part four.

You have scored out of 10.