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A trip to Mexico is never complete without dropping by its capital, Mexico City. Mexico City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and one of the world's largest metropolises.

Officially, Mexico City is divided into 16 areas, or Delegaciones. For travelers, it may be a good idea to divide the city into districts.

Mexico City is bustling with activity; there are so many places you should go to once you get there. Try going to Plaza de la Constitucion or the Zocalo, which is one of largest squares in the world. The Chapultepec Park and Zoo contain various museums, such as the National Museum and the Natural History Museum. Xochimilco, which is composed of waterways, is also an amazing site to behold. For the religious, you may opt to do a pilgrimage to the Basilica de Guadalupe, which is one of the most visited Basilicas in the world. The new Torre Mayor, being the tallest tower in the city, offers a magnificent view of the area.

Mexico City also has more museums than any other city in the world. Some examples include the Fine Arts Palace Museum in Centro, Mexico City's Museum in Centro, the Museum of Modern Art in Chapultepec, and the National University's Museum, or Universum, in Coyoacan.

Mexico D.F. can give you just about anything you want. It has amusement parks for children; sports activities, such as soccer or horseracing; and shopping areas, as in Polaco ad Altavista.

There are several ways to get to Mexico City, the most common way being by taking an airplane to the main airport, the Benito Juarez International Airport.

If you want to go to Mexico City, there are high-end hotels in Polanco and Reforma. There are also smaller hotels and apartments you can rent if you are on a budget.