Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain

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Spanish Culture and Latin Culture

Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has much more to offer than that. It is -and has been for thousands of years- one of the cultural centers of Europe.Learn more about Spanish Culture...

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Basketball in Spain

The sport of two rings has become one of the most popular sports in Spain amongst competition-lovers. La Liga ACB and the Copa del Rey are two of the tournaments that pit the most important Spanish teams against each other every year. If you are interested in the world of basketball, read more here.

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La Tomatina

In the Valencian city of Buñol the best “vegetable battle” in the world takes place every year: everyone against each other, using ripe tomatoes as their weapons. Learn more about this unique festival, its origins and stories here.

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Altamira and Atapuerca

Just two hours of traveling separates these two mythical places, both famed for what they tell us about the story of humans: Altamira, considered the ‘Sistine chapel of the stone age’, and Atapuerca, an archaeological site which is revolutionizing what we know of the history of the human being. Learn more about these two places here, with don Quijote.

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Viking festival in Galicia

Every August, the little town of Catoira on Spain’s Galician coast is invaded by hoards of friendly, fun-loving Vikings who recall Nordic invasions that took place here a thousand years ago. Learn more about this curious tradition with don Quijote.

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Las Médulas

Spain’s El Bierzo region, in the province of León, is home to Las Médulas, a spectacular historic site produced by people during the Roman age in an extraordinary effort to extract gold. Read on and discover the intriguing story of this ancient gold mining complex.

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