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Places in Guatemala

Places in Guatemala

Places to Visit in Guatemala. These pages illustrate and inform you of some of the fabulous activities and sites Guatemala has to offer.

With its fabulous location in the middle of Central America, and with an enviable climate Guatemala is hugely popular with tourists and locals alike. The geography of Guatemala is incredibly varied and there is most definitely something for everyone, whether that be relaxing on the beach, visiting Guatemalan cities or hiking in the mountains. Today Guatemala still has a thriving Maya population, and the traditional practices of the indigenous people combine with modern customs to give this country a truly unique and fascinating culture.

Guatemala City is the capital, and it offers a delightful mix of past and present, while the more traditional Antigua just outside the capital is popular with tourists looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, and who want to spend time in the former colonial capital. Quetzaltenango is another fabulous city that prides itself on its location near the forest, with ample hiking opportunities.

Some must-see Guatamalan sites are the Mayan villages in the western highlands that are still inhabited by the indigenous population today. These villages all have unique traditions and festivals that make them fascinating and well-worth a visit. The Tikal National Park is incredibly popular with tourists and is perhaps the most famous indigenous site in Guatemala today.

These pages illustrate and inform you of some of the fabulous activities and sites Guatemala has to offer. For those that are slightly more adventurous, go hiking in the rainforest near Laguna Lachúa, or venture into the volcanic areas for a unique experience. Those travelers that prefer to relax can visit Monterrico beach for unusual black sand and some breathtaking sunsets. These are just some suggestions of what to do in this amazing country; whatever you decide, it is safe to say that Guatemala has a huge amount to offer, and there will most definitely be something for everyone!