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Guatemalan Society

Society of Guatemala

Find out more information about Guatemalan society. Guatemala's multicultural past has also greatly influenced the Guatemalan society.

Guatemalan society is marked by contrast. Approximately half of the population corresponds to indigenous Maya descendants who generally live in rural areas and villages with less access to modern conveniences. The other large percentage of Guatemalan society is represented by the Ladinos. The Ladino population is mestizo, a mixture of European and indigenous heritage, and typically lives in the urban areas of Guatemala. Economically speaking, the urban inhabitants of Guatemalan society are much better off than their rural indigenous counterparts, a fact that can often lead to disputes among the Guatemalan people.

Guatemala's multicultural past has also greatly influenced the Guatemalan culture. Guatemalan food is characteristically based on staple ingredients from the ancient Maya civilization; Guatemalan fashion, known for its use of bright colors, can also trace its roots to the Maya people. Holidays in Guatemalan society, however, are predominately based on the Roman Catholic Church, an example of the lingering effects of the Spanish Conquest on the country. 

There is no doubt that Guatemalan society and people are greatly influenced by this indigenous and European dichotomy that continues to define the Guatemalan culture, traditions and people.