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Guatemalan People

Guatemalan People

Guatemalan People. Guatemala is a country with a very large indigenous population, approximately 40% of Guatemalan people identify themselves as indigenous.

Guatemala, situated in Central America, is a country with a very large indigenous population. Approximately 40% of Guatemalan people identify themselves as indigenous, meaning a corresponding number of people speak one of the country’s 23 official indigenous languages.

This section provides everything you need to know about Guatemalan life – how its people live, the languages they speak, what they wear, and also how they used to be before Spanish colonization (and how European influences changed them).

Guatemala is among one of the least Catholic nations in Latin America. In fact, just shy of 40% of the population are members of US-based protestant churches. Guatemalans are also known throughout the continent as one of the politest societies, rejecting the Latino stereotype of being loud and upfront.

Despite Guatemala’s relatively small size, it’s produced some of the world’s most successful novelists, poets, and activists. Read more about Miguel Àngel Asturias, the poet, novelist, journalist and diplomat – born in Guatemala City. The famous indigenous leader Rigoberta Menchú is a Guatemalan winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, for her work on the promotion of Guatemalan indigenous rights.

This section is the best way to discover Guatemala and its citizens.

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