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Mexican Architects

Mexican Architects

Learn more about Mexican architecture and its architects. This section will provide you with further insight into the amazing architecture of Mexico.

Mexican architecture is defined as any works of architecture that have been created in Mexico, including architects of pre-Hispanic and colonial times. This encompasses a vast range of buildings, monuments and even bridges in Mexico, that all constitute part of the country's architectural heritage.

The Mesoamerican architecture in Mexico is perhaps one of the most resplendent displays of the buildings inhabited by former ancient civilizations. Mayan pyramids, Aztec temples and entire pre-Columbian cities are all scattered across the country and provide a fascinating example of indigenous Mexican architecture.

There is an abundant display of colonial Mexican architecture to be explored. The traditional colonial architectural format became increasingly common with the ever growing European presence. Towns and cities soon became arranged around a central plaza, or square, with other key elements comprising of an ayuntamiento, a town hall, a cathedral and a law court. Some of the most famous architects in Mexico during the colonial period included Juan Aguero, Manuel Tolsa, Fransicso Tresguerras and Antonio Rivas Mercado.

The post-revolutionary government invested a significant portion of money into improving infrastructure, and as such there has been a strong Mexican architectural tradition ever since. In terms of modern developments, Mexico's architects have continued to create intriguing and varied buildings. There have been some very ambitious projects in recent decades, and a continued diverse experimentation amongst modern Mexican architects, some of the most successful including Bernardo Pimienta, Enrique Norten, Juan O'Gorman, Augusto Álvarez, Luis Barragan and Isaac Zajman.

This section will provide you with further insight into the amazing architecture of Mexico, whether it's the life and works of a particular architect or specific details about a building in Mexico.