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Cuernavaca in Mexico

Cuernavaca. The city, also known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’, is the capital city of the State of Morelos, situated 85 kilometers away from Mexico City.

Cuernavaca in Mexico, the capital city of the State of Morelos, is located 85 kilometers south of Mexico City. It is known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ due to its consistently warm temperatures which average around 20°C annually, giving it an enviable climate for much of the year.

Things to do in Cuernavaca

Surrounding Cuernavaca is a certain glamor which means the city has often been described as the ‘Hollywood of Mexico’. Among the most well known attractions in this charming capital are:

The Borda Garden Museum, built in the late 17th century by mining magnate Jose de la Borda. Because of the excellent location and lush gardens this would later become the residence of Emperor Maxmilian I. Located near Cuernavaca’s downtown in an area of astonishing natural beauty, the estate often hosts activities which include photography workshops, literary events and concerts. It also has a museum which houses an exhibition of artifacts from the 16th and 19th Centuries. The Borda Garden and Museum is an ideal place to take a relaxing stroll through a mesmerizing botanical garden which will provide you an escape in the middle of the city.

Another attraction which is definitely worth visiting near Cuernavaca is the Zoofari zoo. What makes Zoofari unique is the fact that all the animals, 150 different species to be precise, live in a large open space without cages and much like they would in the wild. As well as getting the chance to view the zoo’s 1200 animals, that come from around the world, you can also get up close to the animals and feed them from comfort of your car. Other attractions at Zoofari include nature hikes around the park, rides on various willing animals, as well as a zip line for more daring visitors!

The Muros Cultural Center is Cuernavaca’s best art gallery and includes a private collection of over 320 paintings, videos, sculptures and photographs. Muros, walls in English, is a gallery with over 38700 sq ft (3600 sq m) of wall space upon which hang the work of artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo. Also, if you are interested in finding out more about the artists themselves as well as their work, there are informative timelines displayed which provide a historical perspective of the artists’ working period. There are also plenty of computer displays which give additional information about the artists. Without a doubt, the Centro Cultural Muros is a must-see not only for art enthusiasts, but also for families looking for an inspiring day out.

As you can see, Cuernavaca is one of the most idyllic locations in Mexico to get to a feel for Latin American culture while taking advantage of the tranquility that characterizes much of the city—also a nice break from the sensorial overload of Mexico City. Because of the great microclimate, the weather here is usually mild and comfortable. This Capital City really is a charming retreat for all the family and a great destination to see how the cultures and times have blended together into the modern Mexico of today.