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Fairs in Hidalgo


Hidalgo in Mexico. Hidalgo is one of the best places to experience the fun and diversity that Latin American fairs offer in all their superb glory.

Hidalgo - Take a bite

Named after the leader of Mexican independence, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the small mountainous state of Hidalgo is situated in the center of Mexico and bordered by San Luis Potosí on the north, Veracruz and Puebla on the east, México State and Tlaxcala on the south and Querétaro on the west, with its biggest cities being Pachuca de Soto, Tulancingo de Bravo and Huejutla de Reyes. Notably, Hidalgo is considered an industrial center, playing an active role in the production of crops, minerals and other materials. With a population of just over 2.5 million people, about 1/6 of the state’s inhabitants speak an indigenous language and these citizens are largely responsible for agricultural production, as well as mining. However, one of this state’s most distinguished attributes is its fairs, the most prominent of which include the following:

San Francisco Pachuca Fair in Pachuca de Soto

The San Francisco Pachuca Fair is one of the biggest and most spectacular fairs to take place in Mexico. This celebration is a very deeply rooted community tradition in Hidalgo and gives residents the opportunity to publicize the artistic and cultural conventions of their community. The Fair includes a number of attractions including sports events and theater, as well as more controversial events, such as cockfights and bullfighting. Nevertheless, this Fair has a distinctly family-orientated spirit and revolves around the community coming together to share tastes and enjoy variety of expression.

Lucha Rivera National Fair in Dolores, Hidalgo

The Lucha Rivera National Fair is one of the largest alternative fairs in Mexico and is attended by more than 300 exhibitors from 18 different states. The primary purpose of the Fair is to promote fair trade and sustainable resources. In order to stress the importance of preserving the environment, there are display tables which present information on these issues with the aim of gathering support for conservation initiatives. The Fair also places particular emphasis on the importance of direct trade, eliminating the middle-man and humanizing business transactions. To do this, the Fair has created its own currency, the “Mezquite”, which is a social coin system used to promote easy bartering among the producers and consumers. Little signs can be found outside stalls which indicate whether or not the producer accepts this alternative currency.

These popular fairs are not only cultural events which encourage creativity, but also provide residents with the chance to celebrate and have fun. While community spirit provides the backbone to these fairs, the Mexican fiesta vibe is at the very heart of the action and is a crucial ingredient in the delicious display of cultural flavor. This includes lots of dancing, singing and enjoying an abundance of regional food and drink. Unsurprisingly, these periods of festivity in Pachuca de Soto and Dolores attract numerous visitors every year who want to sink their teeth into the vast array of activities, performances and merchandise on offer.

The state of Hidalgo in Mexico is one of the best places to experience the fun and diversity that Latin American fairs offer in all their superb glory to all who come and visit.