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Mexican Food

Mexican Food

Mexican food is one of the most varied and interesting cuisines in the world and in fact it was awarded on the UNESCO list of ‘Intangible cultural heritage.

Mexican food is perhaps some of the most varied and interesting cuisines in the world and in fact it was awarded a spot on the UNESCO list of ‘Intangible cultural heritage’, in November 2010 because of its amazing variety.

Modern Mexican cuisine has evolved from the blending and incorporation of foreign element, ingredients and techniques with indigenous Indian recipes. The Western stereotypes associated with recipes from Mexico are the use of lots of spices, and dishes such as nachos and burritos. However, this stereotype is far removed from reality.

The main staples of Mexican food recipes are beans and corn, often used to make tamales, tortillas or gorditas. The use of spices varies regionally, but the most prominent ingredients include cinnamon, chilies, oregano and epazote. The mole is a fundamental base to a lot of Mexican recipes, it is a generic name given to the vast range of sauces used throughout Mexico. In addition, one of the most popular elements of food in Mexico are antojitos, which are very similar to Spanish tapas, and can be eaten as a small snack or an entire meal.

As it is such a vast country, there is a lot of regional variation in traditional Mexican food. Oaxaca, for example is known for its savory tamales, whereas the Northern states are renowned for its ‘carne asada’. Indeed, in some villages there are some intriguing dishes cooked in Mayan style whose main ingredients can range from iguana to ant eggs!

While there is great variation perhaps the two things that the most famous products of Mexican cuisine are Tequila, which can only be produced in certain regions and chocolate, which was called the ‘Drink of Gods’ by the Mayans and used as a form of currency by the Aztecs.

There is so much to learn about food in Mexico. The diverse flavors, unique blends and colorful decorations are staggering, and this section will give you plenty of insight into the fascinating variety.