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Languages in Peru

Languages in Peru

Peruvian Languages. Quechua, the Incas language, still lives in this country like a bridge to history and it's possible to find even more languages in Peru.

On the Atlantic coast, situated between Chile and Ecuador, is Peru: a country which is the hiding place of historical marvels like Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

This great country, with landscapes which stretch from the coast to the Andes Mountains, guards in its depths something which might seem surprising, but which is undeniably real and alive: Quechuan, the language of the Incas, still lives in this country like a bridge to history which allows us to consider the nature of that magnificent civilization which occupied the west coast of South America.

Quechua, with more than 3000 years of history, is not the only pre-Colombian Peruvian language which is preserved in the astonishing country of Peru; Aymara is positioned in third place in terms of the most spoken languages in the country, standing alongside a wide variety of 150 other indigenous languages in Peru.

So significant is the presence of the Quechuan language that, in 1975, it was declared the official language along with Castilian, which was brought by the conquerors led by Francisco Pizarro.

Peru offers us astonishing museums, such as the Gold Museum, unforgettable and hair-raising landscapes like the lost city of Machu Picchu in the Andean summits, and amazes us in every way with a rich and absolutely unparalleled language. The indigenous languages of Peru are an unrivalled vibrant museum of anthropology and communication.

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