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Nectarine Vol-au-Vents

Nectarine Vol-au-vents



First make the pastry cream. Put the milk in a pan (leaving 3 spoonfuls aside for the chocolate), with 3 spoonfuls of sugar and the lemon rind. Mix the egg yolks, flour, and a spoonful of cold milk in a bowl and mix well. When the milk in the pan begins to cook, gradually add the content of this bowl whilst continually stirring so that no lumps appear. Leave it to cook on a low heat for 5 minutes. Spread this cream into half the vol-au-vents.
Break up the bar of chocolate into a pan with the rest of the sugar and the milk. When it has melted, pour it into the rest of the vol-au-vents. Cut the nectarines into very small pieces and share them out among the vol-au-vents. Separate the redcurrants and share them out among the vol-au-vents. Put them in the fridge until you serve them.


40 minutes