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Rolled Sole and Shrimps with Basil

Rolled sole and shrimps with basil



o make the sauce: beat together the grated parmesan, the walnuts, the 20 basil leaves, the lemon juice, and the 10 spoonfuls of olive oil
Remove the skin from the sole and cut each one into four fillets so that you have 16 in total. Make a light incision in the outer part of the fish with a very sharp knife, taking care not to cut through the fish. Salt and pepper the inside of the fillets and put a basil leaf with a raw shell-less red shrimp inside the fillets. Add salt and pepper again.
Roll the fillet around the shrimp and basil leaf, pour on a spoonful of olive oil, and then wrap the whole thing in cling film. Repeat this with all the fillets, and the cook them in the oven for 8-9 minutes (if you don´t have a steam oven, use a steamer pot).
While the fillets are cooking, make a salad to go with them, dressing it to taste with vinaigrette, and then put some on each plate.
Drizzle a line of the sauce in front of the salad, remove the cling film from the rolled fillets, and place them on top of the sauce. Serve immediately.


1 hour and 30 minutes