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Sole with Garlic, Laurel, Thyme and Rosemary

Sole with garlic, laurel, thyme and rosemary



Make three English creams: one with thyme, one with laurel and one with rosemary. Leave it to rest for 12 hours, and then whisk the cream to thicken it, and season with salt. Boil the thin stiff pasta in salted water, making sure that it doesn´t break. Cool and dry it. Put a different cream in the middle of each pasta.
To make the sauce: Clean, chop up and lightly fry the chicken carcasses, and then add the wine and let it evaporate. Cover them in water. Cook until a chicken stock forms, drain it and skim the fat. Mix a little garlic oil into this stock. Bake the sole and clean it, removing the bones. Fry the asparagus. Put one fillet on each side of the plate, the asparagus in the middle with one three ravioli, one of each cream. Warm the plate under the grill so that the ravioli melt, and then add the sauce.


1 hour 30 minutes