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Spanish Meat and Poultry Recipes

Spanish Cooking

Spanish Food is considered one of the healthiest in the world. donQuijote offers you a collection of traditional recipes from Spain.

Meat and Poultry

  1. Pork steaks wrapped in puff pastry with slow-roasted aubergine
  2. Sautéed hare with olives
  3. Peppered Fillet Steak
  4. Beef carpaccio
  5. Chicken breast with coleslaw
  6. Catalan style Christmas Capon (chicken)
  7. Pigeon with walnuts
  8. Chicken filled with turrón (nougat candy)
  9. Pheasant with grapes
  10. Pigeon and sauerkraut glazed with juniper berry sauce
  11. Pheasant medallions au jus
  12. Duck breast with two peppers
  13. Steak with red wine foie gras
  14. Partridge in Castilian Cream
  15. Braised veal entrecote with potato lattice
  16. Galician veal stew
  17. Sautéed veal with leeks
  18. Pork steak with green peppers and mustard
  19. Sautéed chicken with celery
  20. Chicken with grapes
  21. Pork with lemon sauce, olives and paprika
  22. Chicken supreme with vegetables in tarragon sauce
  23. Foie gras in gelatin
  24. Chicken with peas
  25. Chicken rolls with eggplant and cheese
  26. Rabbit in tomato and garlic sauce
  27. Marrow with Caviar
  28. Stewed rabbit
  29. Fried chicken

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