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Partridge in Castilian Cream

Partridge in Castilian Cream



Julienne the onions and lightly fry them on a low heat. When they are soft add the partridges which should have been seasoned with salt and nutmeg, then add the black pepper and the bouquet, and fry it all. Once it has been fried, add the wine and a little cognac and allow it to reduce for 4 minutes. Now add the stock and the chopped mushrooms and bring it to the boil. Once the partridge is tender, take it out and add the ham to the sauce. Then remove the bouquet and whisk the sauce, passing it though a conical strainer. Bring it to the boil again. Bind it with a little corn flour. Carve the partridge in half and take out the bones. Cover it with the sauce while it´s hot and garnish it with noisette potatoes, a buttered carrot, salted celery stalks and mushrooms.
If you wish, decorate it with quail eggs and watercress.