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Pheasant Medallions au Jus

Pheasant medallions au jus



Wash and cut up the vegetables. Remove the bones from the pheasant and put them to one side for the sauce. Then cut the pheasant in half and lay it out on the table, adding a bit of salt, pepper and the chopped garlic. Roll it and sow it back together with some cotton, then put it to one side. Put the bones in a pan with a little oil and brown them. When they are browned add the vegetables to the pan and fry them well, flambé them with the cognac and add the stock, the tomato concentrate and a little salt. Allow it to reduce. Then, if necessary, bind it with some potato starch and pass it through a conical strainer, adding a little salt.
Put the pheasant in a pan with a little oil and heat it, lightly browning it, and then put it in the oven for five minutes. When it is done, cut it and put it on a plate or serving dish and pour the sauce on top, garnishing it with mushrooms, salt and chestnuts. Decorate to taste.


1 hour