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Endives au Gratin

Endives au gratin



Wash the endives but not under too much water as they go slightly bitter if under too much water. Then put them into a pan of cold water to cook. At the same time put another pan of hot water and salt on the hob. When the water with endives starts to fiercely boil, remove them from the water and with the help of a large spoon and add them into the second pan whose water should be boiling too. This is just to make sure the endives do not o too bitter. When boiling in the other pan, cook the endives for 25 minutes until they are soft. When soft take them out of the water and once drain of the water place them in an ovenproof dish greased with butter and lined with slices of the York ham. Sprinkle on top the gruyere and put the endives in the oven until the cheese goes brown on top.


45 minutes