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Spanish Vegetable Recipes

Spanish Cooking

Spanish Food is considered one of the healthiest in the world. donQuijote offers you a collection of traditional recipes from Spain.


  1. Thistle with tuetano
  2. Lightly fried Swiss chards
  3. Endives au gratin
  4. Bean stew
  5. Ramekins of cauliflower and cheese
  6. Stewed lentils
  7. Broccoli with Jerez sauce
  8. Asparagus tips with eggs and potatoes
  9. Minted broad bean cappuccino
  10. Barbecued vegetables
  11. Confit de Niza
  12. Aubergine pie
  13. Quinoa salad
  14. Stuffed courgettes
  15. Aubergine with potato and peppers

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