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Valencia Aquarium

Valencia Aquarium

Come to visit the aquarium of Valencia. The Valencia aquarium is the most famous Spanish aquarium not only in Spain but in the entire Europe as well.

Spain's Valencia aquarium, known as the Oceanogràfic, is located in the City of Arts and Sciences Complex in a beautiful coastal setting on the Mediterranean in the center of Valencia.

The stunning complex was designed by Felix Candela and is dedicated to the dissemination of science and culture and the Oceanogràfic Valencia aquarium makes up just one of the 6 main venues: the Hemisfèric IMAX cinema, the Umbracle (an exhibition area from which to view all the buildings, lakes, walkways, and landscaped areas of the complex), the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía Opera venue, the Ágora building and the Oceanográfico Valencia Aquarium.

The Oceanogràfic aquarium of Valencia is the largest in all of Europe. The modern building houses exhibitions from every major marine ecosystem in the world: the Mediterranean, wetlands, temperate and tropical seas, oceans, Antartic, the Artic, Islands and the Red Sea.

Each ecosystem featured in the Valencia aquarium represents different animal habitats and will introduce visitors over 45,000 sea creatures and 500 species of aquatic animals including: dolphins, belugas, walruses, sea lions, seals, penguins, turtles, sharks, rays, sawfish, jellyfish, manta ray, starfish, sea urchins, crustaceans of many varieties, wetland bird species and much more.

One of the Valencia aquarium's main attractions is the Dolphinarium which accommodates over 2,210 visitors who can view spectacular dolphin shows. The dolphin tank boasts over 24 million liters of water that reaches 10.5 meters in depth. There are many daily shows, such as “Flying with Dolphins”, featuring acrobats who perform along the dolphins using diving boards up to 25 meters high. In the summer months the aquarium of Valencia features late night shows called "Oceanogràfic Nights", which combines the dolphin performance with synchronized swimming, music, percussion and lighting in a show that tells the journey of nymphs who travel the world to convince humans to protect the riches of the sea and ocean creatures.

If that is not enough, the Oceanogràfic aquarium of Valencia also develops fun activities to give the public a better understanding and respect of marine animals and their environment as well as the importance of conservation and environmental protection.

For example, a newer activity called “Shark Encounter” allows certified scuba-divers to swim in the Ocean tank of the aquarium surrounded by more 1,350 animals of 51 different species including bull sharks, sandbar sharks, nurse sharks, smooth-hounds, sawfish, sunfish and more. Another event called “Sleeping with the Sharks” allows kids to sleep in underwater aquarium tunnel surrounded by sharks.

For families, it is a good idea to plan to spend the whole day at the Valencia Oceanogràfic aquarium and several days to see the whole City of Arts and Sciences Complex. There are many facilities available at the aquarium including several restaurants, a bar, ice cream parlors and a burger joint. The most popular is undoubtedly the underwater Submarino Restaurant located in the middle of the aquarium. Diners can dine on excellent Mediterranean cuisine while viewing 10,000 fish.

In addition to all the food facilities, there are also many shops to make sure that you children take home their favorite stuffed aquatic animal as a souvenir.

How to get to the Valencia Aquarium? The aquarium is located in the very well known City of Arts and Sciences complex, just a few minutes from downtown Valencia. You can arrive easily by car, taxi, bus, train or even walking.