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Other Artistic Disciplines in Spain

Spanish Art

Spanish sculpture, traditional ceramics, silver work, comics and theatre are others forms of artistic expression that exist in Spain. Learn more!

In Spain there are many different forms of artistic expression. These art forms give a new vision to the world which surrounds us. For centuries these expressions of art have borne witness to the evolution of culture.

Spanish sculpture, traditional ceramics, silver work, the creation of buildings from raw materials, comics, film and theatre are all forms of artistic expression. Spanish art forms serve as a witness to the time in which they were created and provide a historical testimony for future generations.

These artistic expressions are not always found in Spanish museums and are often hidden from the visitor´s eyes. The information in this section will serve as a guide so that you can discover the many artistic curiosities throughout Spain. Remembering and discovering Spanish art will also serve as a pleasant souvenir in the form of a memory that will last a lifetime.