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Paz Vega

Paz Vega

Paz Vega biography. Find out information about the artistic life of the famous Spanish actress Paz Vega.

Paz Campos Vega, also known as Paz Vega (the surname she took from her grandmother), is a world-famous Spanish actress. She was born 2nd January 1976 in the City of Sevilla.

On finishing her secondary school education in her home City, Paz Vega started to study I.T. sciences, but her attraction to performing compelled her to leave University to move to Madrid and initiate an artistic career. She had played roles in theatre before and she had even started her own company with which she interpreted some theatre plays in her home City of Seville.

When she arrived in Madrid she went into the world of television acting in many Spanish television series. She starred in three episodes of “Menudo es mi Padre” (How little is my father). After that she was played in “Más que Amigos” (More than friends) and then in “Compañeros” (Friends). However the series that made her famous was the comedy “Siete Vidas” (Seven lives), which she acted in alongside other weel-known Spanish actors such as Javier Cámara, Tony Cantó, Amparo Baró and Blanca Portillo.

From “Siete Vidas” she flew to the world of cinema and with the director Julio Medem she received her most recognized role in the film “Lucía y el Sexo” (Lucía and Sex), which won her the Goya award for best new actress. She was also nominated for a Goya award for her leading role in the film “Sólo Mía” (Just Mine) in which she played the spine-chilling role of a wife abused by her husband, the part of the husband interpreted by the brilliant Sergi López.

These two interpretations made her one of the best and most sought-after actresses in Spanish cinema, as she demonstrates with her brilliant leading role in the comedy “El Otro Lado de la Cama” (2002) (The Other Side of the Bed).

Paz Vega is a woman who defines Spanish beauty with large brown eyes. It was for this very reason that in the year 2003 Vicente Aranda called upon her to interpret the role of Carmen, in the film of the same name which narrates the story of the deadly woman by whom a French soldier loses his head during the Napolean occupation.

In the year of 2007 Paz Vega interpreted the biography of the Spanish mystic Santa Teresa de Jesús in the film of Ray Loriga “Teresa, El Cuerpo de Cristo” (Teresa, The Body of Christ).

Her first role in the United States was in the film “Spanglish”. A comedy showing the cultural differences in North America, portraying the world of Mexican immigrants and the cultural fusion that takes place in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Currently her life is in Los Angeles (California), where she has recently starred in the films “The Six Wives of Henry Lefey”, directed by Howard Micheal Gould; “Human Contract” a film by Jada Pinkett Smith and also a film called “The Spirit”.

Without a doubt, Paz Vega will become another well-acclaimed ambassador of Spain in the United States, following in the footsteps of Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem just to name a few.