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Salamanca - Cradle of the Spanish Language


In Salamanca, Spain, students could deep dive into the cultural and social life of Spain, making the city simply a perfect place to learn spanish

Just two hours northwest of Madrid, in the historic Kingdom of Castile and Leon, sits Salamanca: a vibrant, exciting and youthful city with graceful golden-hued sandstone buildings, two prestigious universities, two grand cathedrals, a Roman bridge, many Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque monuments, and what is deemed to be Europe's most attractive Plaza Mayor, or Main Square.

For over eight centuries, Salamanca has been a major learning center as a popular university town where in the past, only the best and brightest could attend its 13th century university - one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. This benefited the city allowing it to become the center of Spanish language and culture (and student population) that we know today!

In 1492, around the same time when Spanish began to replace Latin as the official language, a young Humanist and Philologist named Antonio de Nebrija published in Salamanca the first grammar reference book of the Spanish Language titled Gramática de la Lengua Castellana (Spanish Language Grammar).

In 1988, Salamanca was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO, due to its position as a city in the European continent whose charm appeal falls on her medieval past and the fact its inhabitants speak the 'purest' form Spanish.

In 2002, the designation of Salamanca as European Capital of Culture was partly influenced by the meeting of two important roads which cross through Salamanca as one of the main stops: the Camino de la Lengua Castellana (Route of the Spanish Language) meets with the oldest Roman route connecting the North and South of Spain, La Vía de la Plata (The Silver Route).

Through her astounding monuments, museums, her historical city center and modern way of living the centuries-old traditions, Salamanca allows her students to become completely immersed in the rich cultural and social life of Spain, making Salamanca quite simply the perfect place to study Spanish!

Take heed of the wise words spoken by Salamanca's famous former student, Miguel de Cervantes: "Salamanca, que enhechiza la voluntad de volver a ella a todos los que de la apacibilidad de su vivienda han gustado"
His sentiment, paraphrased:"Salamanca makes all those who have enjoyed the pleasant experience of living in her long to return"

Why not combine language learning with fun and culture in a 1 or 2 week Spanish course in the cradle of the Spanish language?