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Experiencing Tenerife: La Ruta del Agua

Water Tour Tenerife

Our students in Tenerife explore the island's incredible natural landscapes and history. Discover Tenerife Water Tour in Tenerife with Tenerife students

With the arrival of spring, good weather and blooming flowers, our students in Tenerife decided it was the perfect time to explore the natural landscape of the island. So after Spanish classes, backpacks slung over shoulders and water bottles in hand, they headed out to discover one of the most impressive routes on the island: La Ruta del Agua (The Water Route).

The route starts in the north of Tenerife, with a stone path surrounded by beautiful trees including chestnut and pine, and a large a fish farm. This part of the trail is known as Aguamansa, an idyllic landscape that ends at the most impressive part of the route, its stunning cliffs.

The descent begins at the cliff and to get down trekkers have to follow the seemingly endless stone steps which finish at an old ruin at the bottom. The descent was quite difficult for our students, and their legs protested, but in the end it was worth it! Our students had so much fun that they didn't even stop for a second to take pictures of everything they saw.

Why it is called the Ruta del Agua?

One of the questions that students often ask is, "how is it possible to get water from an island covered in volcanoes?” And the answer is simple: it comes from la Casa de Agua (the Water House).

In the past, water ran down a cliff from a rising; a torrent of water was collected and provided all of the water drunk in Tenerife. Just thinking about the waterfall makes us dizzy!

But times have changed, and with new times, new techniques have appeared to help distribute water throughout the island. One of these new techniques being the construction of this peculiar building I’ve mentioned, La Casa del Agua. The five-story building and the first water pumps found there were built and installed by an American company, along with a large stove which fueled the steam engine, making the whole mechanism function. As I'm sure you've guessed, the large staircase I mentioned at the beginning of this article, is what connected the two buildings.

Over the years and with the invention of electric motors, the building was abandoned and the impressive stove, decayed and was torn down. And it was not until the year 2000 when the government of the Canary Islands decided to protect both the landscape and the remnants of its industrial past.

I'm sure you now know why it's called the Ruta del Agua right? The whole tour involves discovering how the ancient inhabitants of Tenerife supplied themselves with water; and how in a place where it was quite complicated to do so, they managed to build a complete water distribution pipeline.

 Now that you know where the water comes from on a volcanic island and also that there are breathtaking landscapes to see, what are you waiting for? Come learn Spanish and enjoy an incredible island like Tenerife! We can't wait to meet you!