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Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

Real Madrid vs. Fc Barcelona

Find out more on the Spanish soccer league – "la Liga"– and its most classic soccer rivalry: Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, as many already know, are at the top of the Spanish soccer league. They also represent the most extreme sports rivalry in all of Spain. When Real Madrid and FC Barcelona confront each other either in the Spanish League or in international competitions, the results are some of the most heated soccer matches on the planet. In fact, the Real Madrid-Barcelona matches are known locally simply as "clásicos" meaning "classics".

Some of the world's most renowned soccer players have passed through the ranks of Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. Names like Diego Armando MaradonaRonaldoDi StéfanoJohan CruyffCristiano RonaldoDavid BeckhamRaúl González, Leo Messi, and many others have contributed to the success of these teams. Soccer players dream of dressing one day in the team colors of Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, a moment that undoubtedly marks a launch in their professional careers, as in the recent case of the Brazilian player Santos Neymar.

Rivalry Statistics: *as of September 2013

With all these historical statistics, seeing a Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona match is just another incentive to visit Spain. Especially if you can experience the rivalry first hand in either the Santiago Bernabeu or Camp Nou stadiums. If you are among the many who cannot see a Classic match in person, you can always enjoy the unique Spanish atmosphere and hot Real Madrid – FC Barcelona rivalry in a Spanish tapas bar with friends over a drink.