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The city of Bariloche

Information about the City of Bariloche in Argentina | don Quijote

Population: 80.000
Location: West of the Province of Río Negro (Patagonia).

Located near the border with Chile, deep within Patagonia and 1,460 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, is the Argentina city of Bariloche. Sometimes nicknamed “Argentina’s Switzerland”, because of its chalets and chocolate shops with a snowy backdrop, it’s one of the country’s most important tourist centers. The Civic Center, in the heart of the city, is one of its most impressive buildings, particularly when sprinkled with snow.

The city of Bariloche was founded in 1902 on the shores of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and has a permanent population of about 80,000. Its mountainous location makes it the perfect place for skiing, and is one of South America’s largest ski resorts. In the summer months, its large number of lakes makes possible sailing and surfing, although the melting snow makes the water very cold!

The city itself is lively, with plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you busy by day. The night life here is also energetic, with lots of bars and clubs.

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