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The city of Mendoza

Information about the City of Mendoza in Argentina | don Quijote

Mendoza is a city which is probably found in the best part of Argentina. It is the capital of the province Mendoza which has in its surroundings 110, 000 inhabitants. The city itself was founded in the 16th century and reconstructed later in a European style.

Mendoza city is full of tourist attractions. It is considered an oasis in the desert because of the large amount of trees which, with the efforts of all its inhabitants, have managed to be planted and maintained in dry ground and with little rain.

It is also the center for tourism for the Andes in Argentina and of Aconcagua, the highest point of this mountain range and the highest western hemisphere. It has also profits from a large cultural, commercial, and industrial development. It has important museums and historical places which are well highlighted with detailed explanations in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Mendoza is also known for being an excellent area for the production of wine. Its wine houses export wine around the world and many of the wine houses can be visited by tourists for wine tastings.

The proximity of Mendoza to the Andes makes it the perfect place to take part in adventure sports and outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, mountaineering, and skiing. Its breathtaking countryside is also the ideal place for those who love to take photographs.

To that end Mendoza is the perfect place for tourism. The visitors of this city can enjoy an urban and cosmopolitan atmosphere but also welcoming and at the same time some very impressing natural spots of beauty can be found.

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