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Common mistakes in Spanish

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Common mistakes in Spanish Words and Phrases

In all languages there are some words that lead to mistakes in writing or use due to their similarity in pronunciation. Since this problem also exists in Spanish, we have prepared a selection of 100 words that frequently present problems to help you improve your Spanish. Remember that you can also consult our data base of "Spanish Words" (word of the day) to expand your vocabulary.

A lo largo de

This expression is equivalent to "durante". But it sounds comical used in expressions that indicate very short periods of time..

Habló a lo largo de un minuto. This should be avoided. Better, Habló durante un minuto.

A merced de / merced a

A merced de: means to be subject to something.
Merced a: means "gracias a" (thanks to), "por causa de" (because of).

El barco estaba a merced de las olas.
Se compró una casa merced al premio de la lotería.

A nivel de

Prepositional phrase of foreign origin that is equivalent to certain prepositions in Spanish. Avoid it and use the Spanish prepositions.

Incorrect: El problema será estudiado a nivel de la dirección.
Correct: El problema será estudiado por la dirección.

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