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Common mistakes in Spanish

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Common mistakes in Spanish Words and Phrases

In all languages there are some words that lead to mistakes in writing or use due to their similarity in pronunciation. Since this problem also exists in Spanish, we have prepared a selection of 100 words that frequently present problems to help you improve your Spanish. Remember that you can also consult our data base of "Spanish Words" (word of the day) to expand your vocabulary.

De 2004 / del 2004

According to the latest ruling of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, in dates that are included in letters, documents and newspapers the year should appear without the article: "20 de abril de 2004".
In other cases we can add the article: "20 de abril del 2004".

Esa carta está fechada el 20 de abril de 2003.
Me iré a Méjico el 18 de Agosto del 2005.

Deber / deber de

Deber indicates obligation.
Deber de indicates probability.

Debes estudiar más.
Las llaves deben de estar en la entrada.

Demás / de más

Demás: Indefinite pronoun that indicates the part that is not mentioned. Equivalent to "los otros/as".
De más: Preposition plus adverb of quantity.

Sólo está Juan. Los demás no han venido.
Me has dado dinero de más.

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