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Common mistakes in Spanish - B


Although this word appears in the Royal Spanish Academy, the word batería is recommended to be used when referring to a musician who plays a drum set.

Juan es batería de un grupo de rock.

Beis / beige

The Royal Academy accepts both forms, though "beis" is preferred.

Me gusta esa falda beis.

Baca / vaca

Baca is a support that is attached to the roof of a car to transport things that do not fit in the trunk. Vaca is a cow.

La vaca da leche.
Puse el equipaje en la baca del coche.


The correct word is bacalao. *"Bacalado" is an error that occurs due to confusion with regular participles that end in "-ado" and are often colloquial pronounced without the d.

Este bacalao está congelado.

Bendito / bendecido

The participle of the verb bendecir is bendecido. Use bendito for the adjective.

¡ niño!
El Papa ha bendecido a todos los niños.

Blue-jeans, jeans

The words used in Spanish to designate this type of trousers are vaqueros or tejanos.

Me he comprado otros vaqueros porque me gustaban mucho.

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