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Common mistakes in Spanish – F

Falsear / falsificar

Falsear: To voluntarily distort the truth or reality for some purpose.
Falsificar: To forge money. To produce something that is false.

En muchos casos la historia está falseada.
Cogieron a una banda que falsificaba billetes de 20 euros.

Finés / finlandés

The term finés can be used both for an inhabitant of Finland and the language spoken in that country, while finlandés can only be used for the inhabitant, never for the language.

Los finlandeses hablan finés.

Fuera / afuera

In Spanish as spoken in Spain, fuera is used with verbs of movement and with verbs of non-movement such as "estar". Afuera is only used with verbs of movement.

He ido afuera / fuera.
He estado fuera mucho tiempo.

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