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Common mistakes in Spanish – O


Due to influences from other languages, some commonly used expressions are un otro, una otra... In Spanish, un / una / unos / unas should never precede the word "otro" or its derivatives.

Déme otra cerveza. (Never: una otra cerveza)

Observar / ver

Do not confuse these two verbs. "Observar" has a more active connotation; it implies paying attention. Ver refers to the physical process of seeing regardless of whether or not the action involves interest or concentration.

Llevo toda la tarde observando al perro. Hoy hace cosas muy raras.
Cuanto más veo la televisión, menos me gusta.

O / U

The conjunction o changes to u when the word that follows it begins with the sound o (spelled with or without an h)

¿Quién te fusta Ana u Ofelia?
Uno u otro.

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