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Common mistakes in Spanish – P


Terms used to designate the inhabitants of a country, region or city written with a "k", such as
"Pakistán", "Pekín", should be written with a "q" in Spanish:

Los paquistaníes son los habitantes de Pakistán.


Colloquial term that refers to the inhabitants of Pamplona, but it is only used informally. To refer to the inhabitants of
Pamplona we should normally use pamploneses.

Example: A los pamploneses les gusta asistir a los sanfermines.


Spanish form of the English "pedigree". Avoid it.

Tengo un perro con pedigrí.


Vulgarism. The correct form is programa.

No pude ver ese programa.

Parent / pariente

This is another example of a false friend.The English word parents is equivalent to the Spanish "progenitores" or "padres", but not to
"parientes", since "pariente" in Spanish includes all close relatives (aunts and uncles, cousins…)

En las bodas españolas se reúnen todos los parientes.

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