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Common mistakes in Spanish – T


Noun that can only be applied to people or clothing. For other things, use tamaño. This could be a false friend in French.

Trae otra camisa porque esta no le vale. Tiene una talla mayor.

Tarifa plana

Avoid this Anglicism, a literal translation of "flat rate". Use Tarifa fija

He contratado una tarifa fija de Internet.


Correct form of writing the name of this southern state of the United States. The classic Spanish pronunciation should be with a "j"
be with a "j".

Houston está en Texas.

Tour operador / tour operator

Both these forms should be avoided. The term should be translated as operador turístico. The Diccionarios Panhispánico de Dudas also suggests using turoperador as a Spanish version of the English expression.

Juan es operador turístico.

Talvez / tal vez

In Latin America this is generally written as one word, while in Spain it is written as two.

Latin America: Talvez vino y no lo vimos.
Spain: Tal vez vino y no lo vimos.

Tuvo / tubo

These words are homophones because in Spanish there is no phonetic difference between the way the B and the V are pronounced.

Tuvo: Simple past form of the verb tener.
Tubo: A cylindrical, hollow, elongated piece having various uses, such as channeling water or other fluids or gases.

Hace años Luis tuvo mucho dinero.
El coche tiene el tubo de escape roto.

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