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History of Spanish literature

Online library of Spanish Literature

Spanish literature and informations about the history of Spanish literature are a perfect way to improve your Spanish. They also offer an insight into Spanish history and might help you to immerge in the Spanish culture.

  1. First texts written in Spanish
  2. The Middle Ages:
    1. The Epic Poem: "The Song of my Lord"
    2. The Ministry of Clerics
    3. Gonzalo de Berceo
    4. Juan Ruíz, archpriest of Hita
    5. The Ministery of Jongleury
  3. The Renaissance:
    1. Lazarillo de Tormes
    2. La Celestina
  4. The Golden Age:
    1. The novel: Quijote
    2. Theatre: Lope de Vega
    3. Poetry: Góngora y Quevedo
  5. Neoclassical Literature: The Didactic
  6. Romanticism
  7. Realism
  8. The Generation of ´98
  9. The Avant-garde
  10. The Generation of ´27
  11. Post-war Literature
  12. Literature from 1975 onwards